Grease Trap Cleaning - Bristol, CT

We offer indoor and outdoor commercial septic tank pumping services.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning in Bristol CT and surrounding towns

We offer services for both inside and outside grease traps in Bristol, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

Grease Traps can be a major problem for restaurants and other food processing establishments when they are not pumped and cleaned on a regular basis. With an automatic frequency of cleaning and maintaining your grease trap, Suburban Sanitation Service will make sure that this is not a problem for your business. 

Please contact our office at 860-582-3304 for assitance with grease trap services.

We have the capability to service multi level buildings with our state-of-the-art equipment. Units are self-contained and fit in any elevator. Noise is minimal and odor is almost unnoticeable allowing us to clean during normal business hours. We are also capable of accommodating any hours that you would like us to be there.

Grease Traps are very important to a kitchen’s wastewater drainage system. Wastewater from garbage disposals, sinks, and floor drains contains various amounts of grease and oils. The greasy waste passes through drainpipes that lead to the grease trap. The job of the trap is to slow the flow of water and allow the grease to cool. Once the grease is cooled it rises to the top of the trap because it is lighter than water. A large percent of the grease and oils are then contained or "trapped" in the grease trap.

Both inside and outside grease traps cleanings should be scheduled regularly to:

  • Keep odors at a minimum
  • Inhibit grease and rancid oils from emulsifying
  • Prevent blockage in the drain pipe

Warning Signs of Problems:

  • Slow running drains
  • Backups gurgling in pipes
  • Ground wet with a bad odor (if associated with a septic system)